Winter Emergency Kit For Your Car Is A Must

by Admin on March 4, 2012

Winter driving is much more dangerous than driving any other time of year.  This is why one must be prepared for potential breakdowns or even going off the road in inclement weather.

Items that should be included in any emergency kit:

  • Basic tools: including a socket set, screw drivers, pliers and the like.
  • Clothing: including heavy jacket, hat and a heavy blanket.
  • Food: including bottled water and power bars.
  • Snow boots: Required when you have to walk in heavy snow to get help.
  • Cell Phone: A must have this day and age for calling for help in an emergency.
  • Ice scraper: For the removal of ice from your windshield and windows.
  • Flashlight: Many times your car’s electrical system can be damaged leaving you with mo lights.
  • Jumper Cables: A must for starting your car with a dead battery.
  • Heavy gloves: This will prevent frostbite when attempting to restart your car.
  • Snow shovel: This is essential when driving in snow covered roads.  Many times it can be the difference between getting stuck and having to wait for hours for help to arrive or getting on your way by removing the snow from around your wheels to gain better traction.
  • Full tank of gas: In the event that you do get stuck, the more fuel you have in your tank the better as you can use the car’s heater to keep warm until help arrives.

Driving in severe winter conditions such as heavy snow should be avoided at all costs.  The likelihood of having an accident and even to slide off the road are greatly increased.  Should this ever happen to you, you will thank yourself for building an emergency winter kit.

Always remember that if you get stuck or have a problem with your car while driving in bad weather is is usually best to wait in your car for help to arrive.

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