Top Tips for Buying a Used Car

by Admin on April 18, 2012

There are a lot of things to check when purchasing a used car. The purchase process can be confusing and difficult and end up costing you a lot of money if you are not careful. The following are a few things, suggested by one of the top car dealers in Sedalia MO, you can do to ensure the car you are purchasing is really worth the money.

When looking for a car or truck the purchase process should be the following. First, you should do your research online to determine what type of vehicle you need. Next, search automotive sites and local dealers inventory to find the car you have chosen. Then pick five or six in your price range to investigate further. Test drive each of the cars and find out which one you like the best.

Once you have found the car you like you need to check the carfax to be sure it has not been in any wrecks. Many cars have been in minor wrecks and repaired properly. If the car has been in a wreck, take it to a body shop and pay a small fee to make sure the repairs were done correctly. Also, take the vehicle to an independent mechanic to have the car thoroughly inspected. These steps may save you thousands of dollars down the road.

You can visually inspect the interior and exterior to see how well the car has been maintained. If you are purchasing from a dealer then the car has probably been professionally detailed. On the surface, this can often make a car look almost new. Look past the shine and see if the car has had paint touch up work. If there are many scratches that have been touched up or small dents that have been removed then the car may have been treated roughly in the past. The interior will also show signs of wear.

When negotiating the purchase price simply look at the other similar cars with the same options and mileage to determine if you are paying a fair price.

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