Tips to Keep Your RV in Great Shape

by Admin on February 26, 2012

If your RV needs to be checked out and a few repairs made, you can save a lot of work and money if you follow the list of maintenance tips below provided by RV dealers in Kansas City:

• The sealants around the windows of your RV need to be inspected twice per month for tightness and to make sure they are not cracked.

• Check the tire pressure to ensure the tires have adequate pressure before you begin your next trip.

• The generator should be run two hours each month with under 50 percent load. Your generator should not be setting unused for several months without being run. You need to run it with a light load for at least a few minutes each month.

• Make certain your batteries have sufficient water in them to hold their charge. Inspect the battery level often and add distilled water occasionally.

• The holding tanks must be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria and odors from getting into the other parts of your RV. If you will be spending a lot of time on the road, this is crucial to your travel.

• Your slide rails and gaskets need to be lubricated twice yearly. This will help keep the slide rails working all through the RV season.

• Always check your lug nuts to assure they are tightened, as your whole wheel connection can fly off and cause a serious accident.

There are a few more maintenance tips you should adhere to almost by nature and they include sanitizing your fresh water system each spring or at the beginning of the RV season. Another tip is to winterize your RV, which is one of the most important tips to remember. The RV definitely needs to be protected from the cold and shortage of use before winter sets in. One more tip is to pull back the awning whenever you are traveling in heavy wind and rain.

If you are planning to park your RV for long-term storage, it is a good idea to have it stored in a closed storage. The RV will be completely surrounded by walls, a door, and a roof to keep it safe from vandalism, theft, and bad weather. No matter where you park your RV, you will need to buy a good RV cover. Be sure you get a cover that fits your RV rather snuggly.



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