Tips on How You Can Save Money with your Car in 2012

by Admin on February 6, 2012

In these hard economic times with the topic of recessions and economic downturns being very prevalent in national and global press, consumers are looking for ways in which they can save money at every turn.  Of course, it’s not possible to always save in every aspect of life, especially when it comes to essential functions such as travel and driving – but you can make a difference if you look and try hard enough.  Here are a few tips on how you can reduce the costs associated with driving in 2012.

Only Make Essential Trips in Your Car

Quite an obvious one, but the highest cost associated to driving is fuel costs.  Try to cut down the amount of un-essential car journeys that you make to help with this.  Perhaps rather than shopping every week you try to do a big shop just once monthly.  Car sharing can also help, so if you always drive your children to school how about teaming up with other parents in order to share the passenger load during the week and take  turns on the school-run?

Save Money on GPS Map Updates

Having the latest directions and maps on your GPS is essential as this will save you fuel cost in the long run – as the device will deliver the quickest or shortest routes while avoiding unnecessary lengths.  If you have to update your GPS map software this year then look for promotion codes and vouchers that you can redeem at the manufacturer’s online store.  For example Acura lets their customers redeem Acura Navigation Coupons on their website which can save you up to 25% on the cost of an upgrade – typically saving you nearly $70  on each purchase.

Look for the Cheapest Fuel Deals

Some GPS devices come with live fuel prices that let you find the cheapest gas station near you.  If you don’t have a GPS then do a Google search for Cheap Gas Prices.  There are a number of websites that now offer the ability for you to enter in your location’s zip code and will then display the most competitive fuel prices within a 10 mile radius.

These are just three ways in which you can reduce the cost of operating your car.  The United States Department of Transport has recently released a far more comprehensive guide to help American consumers so please refer to that press release for more guidance.  It can be found on their official website. You can also get some tips on fuel savings by visiting

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