Shopping for Kawasaki Teryx Windshields

by Admin on March 29, 2012

The Kawasaki Teryx is your all around off road utility vehicle. You can haul lumber to the tree to build your stand, return with firewood for the camp, and then hit the trails for some off road fun. Fun that is, until you get a face full of mud or eat a bug.

In an automobile, a windshield is a no-brainer. Air flows up and over the vehicle. It’s not quite that simple in a utility vehicle. Simply adding a full windshield and roof can actually create a low pressure zone behind the windshield. This can suck in dust and engine heat from behind you. That’s why Kawasaki Teryx Windshields come in a variety of configurations.

A common solution is the half windshield. Although it seems crazy, a half windshield mounted low deflects air away from your face and down into your chest area. If you live in a warmer section of the country, the added air flow may be worth the occasional bug bouncing off your shirt. And since you are not looking through the windshield, your vision remains unobstructed even if the windshield is covered with mud. A half windshield can also be mounted high. This directly protects your face and still provides ventilation.

On a cold wet morning, a full windshield can be your best friend. They provide full frontal protection. Most mount with clamps and can be easily installed or removed without tools. Some windshields come with hand operated wiper blades, which can really help with visibility under wet conditions.

Finally, some types combine the best of both worlds. They come in two pieces, a top and a bottom. One or the other section can be tilted or removed to customize air flow. Kawasaki Teryx Windshields are a must-have accessory for your RUV. In the end, a windshield does just what it says. It keeps stuff from hitting your face.

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