Replacing Car Struts

by Admin on August 7, 2011

Replacing Car StrutsIf your car is bouncing up and down, swaying from side to side, and is increasingly hard to control, then you are most likely overdue for new shocks. As a result of this continuous action, the valve and piston become worn out and lose their effectiveness. For instance, if the vehicle has between 75,000 to 80,000 miles, or the ride and the way it handles is just not as smooth as it should be then it is probably a good time to install new shocks.

An automobile is built with front and rear springs that cushion the vehicle; but in fact, the shocks on the car actually restrain vibrations that the suspension springs cause as the automobile moves on different types of road surfaces. In other words, the shocks are what keep the tire to the road; they prevent the springs from literally bouncing up and down. Overall, they increase the ride quality and comfort of the automobile.

Also, in the last decade because so much emphasis is put on personal safety, the demands for these automobile accessories are extremely high. As a matter of fact, the United States and Europe produce about 100 million shocks for distribution worldwide. To sum up, shocks are a necessary addition to a vehicle.

The four most common types of shocks on the market today are:

1. Standard shocks – the most common kind used in cars that don’t perform heavy duty work. They are designed for use in personal vehicles.

2. Heavy-duty shocks – these types are used in cars or trucks that carry heavy load loads or passengers frequently over rough terrains.

3. Overload shocks – they provide support for vehicles that have suspension problems in the front or rear systems.

4. Air shocks – designed for cargo trucks and vehicles that hold and carry a colossal amount of weight.

5. Struts – are similar to a shock but in most instances the spring is actually mounted on the strut assembly.  Strut assemblies in modern vehicles are an integral part of the front end and ofter eliminate the need for an upper control arm and upper ball joint.

As a reminder, don’t put off having your car’s suspension system checked because it could cause serious problems for you, your passengers and for other drivers. But removing and replacing shocks can be quite a daunting task. So with this in mind, the job may require the expertise of a shock replacement expert or a certified mechanic because the suspension springs and strut unit might have to be removed also.

All in all, replacing those old worn shocks or struts will give you better handling and make the most demanding road feel safer.  They are available at any auto parts store.

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