Potential Drawbacks To Using Floor Covering in Your Garage

by Admin on May 22, 2011

Epoxy Garage Floor covering
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While there are many advantages of using floor covering in your home or garage, there are quite a few drawbacks depending on what type of floor covering that you use. You need to be aware of these issues before you make your purchase and begin installation. This article will highlight some of the problems that are encountered when installing floor covering.

Installing an epoxy floor covering can be both time and labor-intensive. Extensive surface preparation is required before installation to insure adequate bonding between the epoxy and the floor. Most epoxies come in two-part formulas, and special care must be taken while mixing the two components. Improper mixing may result in a floor covering that doesn’t fully cure. You also need plenty of ventilation and protective clothing as epoxies do give off potentially harmful fumes while they cure. In some cases, professional installation may be required, which can be quite expensive.

Although tile floor covering, along with the use of multi-colored plastic storage bins on your shelves, can give a very professional look to your garage, it is usually the most expensive way to go, and in some cases, may also require professional installation. ¬†When using tiles that are of the peel-and-stick variety, extensive surface preparation is required to insure adequate bonding with the floor, and once the tiles are stuck to the floor, they are on to stay. You can’t take them off and put them elsewhere. Some tiles, especially the rigid ones, may develop cracks over time, allowing fluids to penetrate the porous concrete floor underneath. The same can be said for some of the perforated tiles that are on the market.

Some of the garage floor covering mats that are on the market can be difficult to clean, and as a result can get stained. If not fastened to the floor, they can slide around, and could cause injury to someone.

While using paint to protect and improve the appearance of your garage floor may be less expensive, it doesn’t last as long as an epoxy covering would. As a result, the floor will need to be repainted every so often, which may eventually make this more expensive than other floor coverings over time.

Now that you know some of the major drawbacks associated with different floor covering materials, you should now be able to make a more educated decision about which is best for you.

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