Nissan Navara Headlight Protectors

by Admin on May 23, 2011

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Headlamp protectors are designed to protect headlights from damage that may be caused by debris or stones while driving. The best option is to avoid unnecessary expense in replacing the headlamps of your Nissan Navara, this is true especially with the newer models because headlamps tend to be bigger and more expensive than they were 10 years ago.

The small investment you make is well worth it; at an average price range of £30.00 through £60.00, this is about half of what it will cost to buy a new headlamp. You can acquire  Nissan Navara headlight protectors at your Nissan dealer or you can purchase them from an aftermarket supplier.

Headlight protectors are made of a transparent automotive grade plastic or acrylic in clear or smoke. They are built specifically for each car, designed for a perfect fit. Easy to install no drilling needed and easy to remove for cleaning.

You have to ensure that the headlamp protector is properly installed on your Nissan Navara; otherwise it may fall off. The best known supplier in the market for headlamp protectors is EGR they are very resistant to high impact hits, made of PMMA acrylic and the detail in manufacturing for a perfect fit, the durability, with a carbon fibre style or clear acrylic to choose from and easy clip-on fit; make EGR headlamp protectors the sensible choice.

Another plus for headlamp protectors is that it keeps the headlamps looking like new, always bright and clear. By covering your headlamps they are not vulnerable from fading as you have probably noticed that after 3 or 4 years on the road headlamps become dull and get a white haze making them look dirty and in extreme situations there is nothing else to do but to replace the headlamps.  With a headlamp protector your Nissan Navara’s fascia remains “bright-eyed”.

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