Installing VW Wheel Adapters And BMW Wheel Spacers

by Admin on April 16, 2012

Individuals who put in VW wheel adapters are those who desire to adjust the bolt hole spacing of their rims. We know for a fact that 5-lug wheels with a 4.5-inch bolt-hole pattern can only use wheels that can fit this kind of measurement. If you are able to find wheels that you wish to set up that do not match that pattern, you will need to install VW wheel adapters with the wheel spacing meant for the wheels you want to set up. Doing this is something that you can carry out right in your own garage. You will just need to keep certain tips in mind.

You will need some tools in installing VW wheel adapters in your car. What you will need are a jack, jack stand, lug nuts, torque wrench and tire iron. You would want to start with placing a jack under the automobile, right in the corner of the wheel you wish to add the wheel adapter to. You will need to jack up that corner of the automobile so it can be off the ground. Place the jack stand under the automobile and place that corner of the automobile onto the jack stand. You will then need to take away the lug nuts from the wheel. You will need to use a lug nut wrench to do this. The next thing you will need to do is to pull the wheel off from the automobile.
Next, you will need to place BMW wheel spacers on the wheel studs. You can now thread the original lug nuts to the wheel studs. Next, you will need to tighten the lug nuts into place. You can use your fingers to do this. You need to keep centering the spacer while turning the lug nuts on to the studs. Once all of the lug nuts have been threaded completely on to the studs, you will then need to tighten them with the help of a lug nut wrench. Next, you will need to torque the lug nuts until they have reached the recommended torque specifications as specified by the manufacturer. At this stage, you will need to use a torque wrench.

Now place the new wheel on to the wheel studs on the spacer. You will then need to thread new lug nuts on to the studs of the wheel spacer. Using a tire iron, tighten the lug nuts.

After all these, raise the automobile off the jack stand. You can now lower it to the ground. Simply repeat the steps for the other wheel spacers and adapters.

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