How To Get The Best Coilovers

by Admin on June 9, 2011

There are many auto car shops where you can get coilovers for whatever type of car you drive. You can also choose to shop online where you get to shop around and find prices that are pocket friendly. There are adjustable coilovers that are designed to give you the look you desire while not compromising on the quality ride that you are accustomed to. These coilovers give you the opportunity to make adjustments between 0”-4” depending on their application. You can adjust the height using a threaded sleeve that fits over your aftermarket shocks or stock and has a dual locking perch mechanism.

A coilover is part of a vehicle’s suspension system and the word coilover is short for coil spring over strut. It is made up of a shock absorber that is encircled by a coil spring. The shock absorber and spring are manufactured as a unit before installation and are also replaced as a unit when the shock absorber leaks. Most allow for ride height adjustment through the use of a simple threaded spring perch that looks like a nut while the more advanced adjustable coilover systems use a threaded shock body and an adjustable lower mount to do the same.

The first time coilovers were used on a widespread case was in automobile suspension systems. The coilover is one of the basic parts of the Macpherson strut suspension system which differs from other systems through its use of the anti-roll bar as a longitudinal constrait. They should not be mistaken  with struts or shock absorbers that are mounted independently.

These suspension systems were once limited to racing teams who had a large budget to create performance parts but they have now become widely available online and from any auto part retail merchant shop. A mechanic can also customize them to fit your needs for a street car or racing car. Coilovers are made using high quality 6061 aluminum with T6 added for increased hardness.

You can choose from the car type you own to find the correct type of coilovers you need for it. There are many different brands to choose from as well as coilover that are designed for each car brand. Simply search online in auto shops using the car brand name to find out which coilover is suitable. Prices depend on the type as well as the materials used.

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