How To Find Kids Go Karts For Sale

by Admin on August 19, 2011

One of the the best hobbies to get into, especially for young kids, is go karting. Parents are always looking for ways to creatively keep their kids happy and somewhat occupied and ride-on toys such as electric go karts as well as pedal karts have always provided that service. As a child starts to get older their taste in karts increase to that of racing or even off road style buggies. Regardless of what age group you are shopping for here are some tips to help you find the best kids go karts for sale.


The best way to find new or used go karts for sale is your local ATV or Powersports dealers. They will have a decent selection of buggies depending on the size of your city. Local newspaper classifieds are great for finding used kids karts especially online local classifieds like Craigslist. Craigslist has a ton of options for used go carts, parts and accessories. You can search by city and then search the surrounding cities for used models. Yard sales are also a great place to look for a cart especially if you are looking for a starter go kart for your children.


Buying online can be very effective; however, there are certain questions to ask to ensure you get a go cart that is not abused. First things first try to find a cart within driving distance so you can visually inspect it in person. Too many people buy online sight unseen and it ends in disaster. Sellers are often not descriptive enough in their listings or they are too vague because they are hiding something. So ask lots of questions and check to see if you have an honest seller who is willing to go the extra mile. If they are very up front with their information then you probably have a good seller on your hands. Here are some pertinent questions to ask:

1. How long have you had it?
2. Did you buy it new?
3. Have you ever wrecked or rolled it?
4. Have you had to replace any parts?
5. Why are you selling?

These questions will let you know what kind of motivation your seller has and if they are desperate or not to get rid of it. Make sure when you visually inspect a go cart you check the brakes and steering for tight response. Ask to test drive the buggy. Look for rust or dents in the frame, this will tell if it has been well taken care of or abused. Also check the oil and smell for any gas fumes. If the oil smells more like gas then it is leaking which means you don’t want this go-kart so move on to another buggy.

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