Garmin Map Updates Can Be Downloaded for Free or a Small Charge

by Admin on May 22, 2011

Garmin map updates
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The Garmin Nuvi sat nav and GPS is one of the most valuable gadgets that I own in terms of usefulness, and the frequency in which I use it.  I need to travel long distances as part of my job so I use my Nuvi GPS on a daily basis, and because of that I am now very use to the process of installing Garmin map updates so I thought I would share the way in which I do that for other Garmin owners.

The reason you will need to install a Garmin map update is because the maps can become out of date.  This is no fault of Garmin, but down to the fact that over time cities and towns can get new roads, junctions, and addresses so it can become tricky to navigate – and this is especially true if you are in a strange place as I so often am with my job.

When I first bought my Garmin Nuvi 255w I noticed that the maps were out of date as soon as I started using the product.  I wasn’t too pleased about this so went to the Garmin website where I soon found out that they do a free maps for Garmin GPS update called the nuMaps Guarantee.

Basically this works very simply.  If you have registered and used your Nuvi GPS within a couple of months of first buying it then they will give you a free Garmin map update.  The install process was ridiculously easy as long as you have the USB cable that comes in the box.  Connect this to your PC and follow the instructions online.

Garmin have got really good customer service too and I found that when I did get stuck, all I needed to do was phone them up and the help I received was second to none.  Getting a free Garmin map was really easy, and it meant I could then drive off and not need to worry that month about getting lost on the job.

Now I update my Garmin maps at least every three months using their nuMaps Lifetime offers, which gives me a new map update at least every quarter.  If you drive for a living like I do then I would suggest you look into this option as well.  It was really cheap and cost me next to nothing.  If you are a new user though, you can benefit from the free map upgrade option first, which is good because it shows you how simple it is to get Garmin map updates.


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