Engel Portable Freezers and Refrigerators for Auto Use

by Admin on May 24, 2011

If you turned your attention to the largest depository of portable freezers and refrigerators today, you will find a great deal of mobile fridge units from Engel.  An Australian company and the leading provider of reliable camping accessories, outdoor and off-road stuff and other portable products, Engel has managed to widen its market to worldwide access in the past few years.  Finding a portable cheap refrigerator need not be complicated now; this brand can definitely give you the topnotch solution for your portable cooling and storage requirements.

Engel has a well drawn-out models and units for portable freezers and refrigerators, ranging from upright mini fridges to portable chest fridges.  So whether or not you’re going on an off-road adventure, camping in a different place or venturing in any kind of an outdoor activity, you never have to worry about keeping your food fresh and unspoiled with some of the notable Engel refrigerator specials.  All Engel refrigerators are versatile when it comes to source and energy power – mostly they’re both compatible with AC or DC connection, but there are also units that can be powered through solar energy as well.

Take for instance a 15L chest fridge / freezer from Engel.  Made from a tough plastic casing this chest fridge is sturdy enough to be placed at the bunk of the truck.  15 liters worth of storage capacity is enough for one or two people on board on a weekend getaway.  One of its highlights is the auto switching features between AC and DC.  On the other hand, the 14L chest fridge is made to be brought around with its strap that’s convenient for a shoulder carry.  It also comes with a transit slide lock feature.

As for mini upright features best for boat, RV and vehicle integration, Engel has for sale the built-in 40L upright fridge.  This unit is complete with reversible door, replaceable door panel and auto switching between different power sources.  Price usually varies according to the overall design and storage capacity, so choose one unit that’s best suited to your own needs.

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