Choosing AutoZone Parts

by Admin on August 10, 2011

The place to go when you need just about anything for your car nowadays is AutoZone.  Weather you are looking for wiper blades, a new battery or anything in between, the choice is clear.


The automotive retail powerhouse that we know today as AutoZone opened its doors in 1979 in Forrest City Arkansas using the name of AutoShack.  From there, it grew at a pace only rivaled by Wal-Mart.  The first store opened in 1979.  Through the years, the store count grew dramatically by opening new stores from scratch and also by buying other store chains.  Today there are more than 4000 Autozones throughout the United States, Porto Rico and Mexico.

In 1991, the company began to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange,  opening at $27.50 a share and has maintained a healthy increase in it’s share price ever since.  In 1994, store sales hit the $1.5 billion mark.

Autozone parts

From hard parts,  to accessories, to chemicals, the AutoZone auto parts line has increased dramatically over the years.  Many of the hard part lines are Duralast branded  and many, such as batteries, starters and  alternators offer a the choice of Duralast Gold,  Duralast, and even Valucraft for the price conscious customer.  Engine management and electrical parts are made by Wells.  Batteries are made for Autozone by Johnson Controls.  The chemical line and lubrication offer most of the major brands as well as the AutoZone branded line.

Online was started in 1996, offering the entire line of auto parts online with home shipping or the option of ordering online and picking up at your local store.  Vehicle specific information is also easy to find at

AutoZone Commercial

The commercial program was also introduced in 1996, selling parts and accessories directly to commercial customers.  The software company ALLDATA was also acquired that year offering the commercial customers the ability to access vehicle repair and diagnostic information online.

Customer service

Having dealt with AutoZone for many years, I have seen that the company takes customer service very seriously as do many large companies nowadays.  Advice is handed out freely by their friendly associates as well as help installing wiper blades and batteries  right in their parking lots.  Warranties are not an issue, as they maintain a warranty database with customer information.  Returns are also easily done even when the return is questionable due to customer damage or other factors.  Resistance to any return issue is easily overcome by the threat of a customer complaint to the corporate offices.


Having purchased everything from water pumps to oil to air fresheners and everything in between throughout the years, I would definitely recommend AutoZone.  Their knowledgeable associates and prices will make any do-it-yourselfer a lifelong customer.

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