Car Battery Jump Starter Review

by Admin on August 15, 2011


Having a car battery jump starter handy in your car is a very good move especially since not everyone is a good Samaritan. What this means is that when your car battery becomes fully drained and you are nowhere near a car shop or car accessory store, it will be very useful if you have something that could jump start your car instead of waiting for someone to help you with your problem. In line with this, it is not enough to have just any portable battery jump starter because you need to have the best.

The Clore JNC660 Jump-N-Carry is the best battery jump starter according to critic and expert reviews. Though there are many battery jump starters that are much cheaper than this product, experts believe that performance, versatility, and durability overcome the price tag. This Clore Automotive product is priced at $320.99 at, $189.99 at, and $121.00 at Amazon. Though not very cheap, this Clore product is still very much affordable. Plus, you get so many features and a versatile performance from a compact and industry quality device.

Some of the features of the Clore JNC660 Jump-N-Carry car batteries jump starter are 1700 peak ampere, battery status indicator, 46 inch heavy duty #4 cables, and a DC outlet 12 volt accessory. Furthermore, this latest Clore battery jump starter is equipped with the Automatic Recharging System which, unlike all the other battery jump starters available today, provides additional safety feature. The outer shell of the Jump-N-Carry is made with the finest industry quality steel so it protects the inner system of the device against any harsh external factors making it last longer.

For such a small and compact device that delivers a powerful and reliable performance and safety measures that is proven effective, the Clore JNC660 Jump-N-Carry battery jump starter is the best one to date.

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