7 Tips For Winterizing Your Car

by Admin on February 6, 2012

With winter at its peak right now, it’s important to have our cars and trucks ready to deal with the season and the extreme weather that can come with it. Winter has its unique challenges that can stress both you and your car in particular ways, so here are 7 tips for winterizing your car to help make the winter season easier on you and your vehicle:

Winterizing Your Car

1.    Check your tires to see how worn the tread is on them. If worn down, replace them. Consider winter tires, which are specifically designed to give you the traction

Winterizing Your Car

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needed on icy winter roads. Good tires are one of the most important keys to avoiding accidents on icy roads.

2.    Take your car in for a full tune up before the winter weather sets in. Make sure your battery, brakes, heater and thermostat are all in top condition. Have your belts and hoses checked for any weaknesses, as this are most likely to lead to problems in the winter months. Consider getting winter wiper blades, and a wiper fluid that contains some anti-freeze.

3.    Keep your gas topped up. Your tank should always be over half full, to avoid having pipes freeze and causing permanent damage to your vehicle.

4.    Prepare a survival kit with special items to assist you in an emergency. For more info on how to do this, read this article on creating a winter emergency kit for your car.

5.    Have an ice scraper, some extra clothes and a warm blanket stored away somewhere in your vehicle.

6.    Always have a fully charged cell phone on hand when driving in the winter. This is your line to reaching help quickly, and reaching help quickly is of great importance if you find yourself stranded in the winter. If your car has a cigarette lighter, you can find cell phone chargers that can plug into these and keep your phone battery topped up at all times.

7.    Have some extra food and water on hand. 1-2L of water (you’ll need to keep it from freezing) and a few protein or granola bars is enough. Something to fill the tummy and keep you warm if you’re waiting for help or need to do some work in harsh winter conditions.

Winter can be a challenging time to get through, but hopefully these tips keep you out of any real trouble and help you breeze easily into the spring months.

Good luck and stay prepared!

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