6 Steps to Saving Money when Buying Motorbike Insurance

by Admin on March 2, 2012

If you are a bike rider then you will be required by law to buy motorbike insurance and so some helpful money savings tips like these will be gladly received if they can indeed reduce your renewal quotation. So here are some money savings tips for motorbike insurance.

What bike do you ride?

Expensive motorcycles with a big engine will cost more to insurer than a cheaper motorcycle. This is because the repair costs are much more expensive for new motorbikes. If you ride a classic motorcycle then you would need a special type of insurance and you can get that from some providers. Don’t be tempted to add modifications to your bike to make it go faster; it will tend to put the price up on your premium.

How do you ride your bike?

Your driving record is used by the insurer when giving you a quotation. A bike rider that has a clean driving history with no driving convictions will be given a discount. Always obey the road traffic signals and speed limits when riding your bike. A clean driving licence can save you money.

Have you claimed on your insurance policy recently?

Claim free bike riders that have a healthy no claims bonus can get a big discount from bike insurers because they are less risky for making a claim in the future. Careful driving is rewarded by the insurer with a no claims discount.

For what purpose do you want a motorbike?

Some insurers will give different priced premiums to bike riders depending on their purpose for using the bike. If you use it just for social purposes and not riding to work on it then you would get a cheaper premium. You may also get a cheaper premium if you only clock up a certain number of miles in a year. Low mileage riders will get a lower premium than high mileage riders.

Do you carry out security measures to keep your bike safe?

Bike riders that have an alarm or immobiliser fitted to their bike will receive a discount from the insurer. You will also receive a discount if you park your bike in a locked garage. Keeping your bike safe and away from thieves will earn you a discount and lower your premium.

Compare quotes with a comparison engine.

Comparing motorbike insurance quotes from several insurers will make sure that you get the level of cover you need for much less.

For more money saving tips and comparing motorbike insurance go to Money Gossip.co.uk. Here you can find a motorbike insurance guide and tips for reducing your premium.

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Jason Brooks September 18, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Great article! Many people don’t even consider insurance when they go shopping for a motorcycle. The type of bike you ride definitely will impact your premium. Mine is very low because I ride an On/Off road dirt bike. I did a little experiment with some quotes on my policy and wrote an article about it on my site. If you don’t mind the link here it is – http://www.jbmotorcycle.com/what-is-the-average-cost-of-motorcycle-insurance/ -feel free to delete the link if you’d rather not have it here.


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