5 Car Travel Accessories You Should Not Leave Home Without

by Admin on February 5, 2012

Regular drivers, and in particular people who drive very long distances, should always be prepared for anything that might occur on the roads.  What follows are five tips for car travel accessories that could help you out when you get stuck, and some of them could possibly save your life one day.  If you don’t want to be lost, stuck, or just need some help when driving then read the following guide.

Top 5 Car Travel Accessories

Sat Nav or GPS Device

automotive gps

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You will of course be familiar with Garmin and TomTom – two companies that lead the market when it comes to GPS. These handy little gadgets are essential for any car owner, especially when driving to a new town or destination that you are not familiar with.  Some cars actually come with a GPS unit already installed into the dashboard.  If you own a car that already has GPS then make sure you update the maps before you travel.  If you drive a Honda or Acura then you should buy a new Honda maps or an Acura Navigation System Update before travelling.




Tire Compressor and Gauge

small automotive air compressor

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There’s nothing worse than suffering from a flat tire.  By just having a small compressor in your car you could save yourself loads of problems.  These small compressors are relatively cheap and will also inflate other items like sports balls and inflatable beds so they are very handy.





Fluorescent Red Warning Triangle

auto warning triangle

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Some countries have a legal requirement for a red warning triangle to be carried in your vehicle at all times – for example when driving in Spain you can get fined if you don’t have one.  If you break down then you can place this one hundred yards behind your car to warn other drivers of a potential on-coming hazard or accident.  They are small and foldable and can easily fit inside the trunk of your vehicle or even under your car’s seat for simple access and use.





Lock De-Icer Keyring Gadget

key de-icer

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If the cold weather hits then you might find that you can’t open your car door because ice is in the lock.  This small device can be attached to your car’s keyring and is very small – you simply insert it into the locking mechanism, press a button, and it warms up to melt any ice away.  It works quickly so you can be up and driving within minutes.  They cost as little as $10 from most car accessory stores.





Winter Car Cover Sheet

car snow cover

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Perhaps you live in an area of the country where cold weather is a constant problem.  If you do then you should consider a cover tarpaulin to go over the car at night.  These are made from elasticated material and non-woven Polypropylene to keep the ice, water, and cold away.  Wake up in the morning and remove the sheet and your car should be ready to drive away.  You can also use this in the Summer months or when it’s hotter to keep the car cooler and more comfortable when it comes to driving.

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