2008 to 2012 Gen 2 Scion XB Review

by Admin on March 1, 2012

Very few cars can compete with the Scion XB when it comes to a budget of less than $20K. The quality in this car is much better than what you will find by other manufacturers for their price-point lines. At close to $17,000, it’s not quite as entry-level as compared to some $15,000 cars, but it’s till low budget. Think about its great looks, exceptional reliability, appeal to the young crowd and ideal performance and you have a truly great car for the price. Most Scion XB reviews usually say very good things about the car. It’s no surprise. It’s a great car, backed by many enthusiasts and supported by lots of aftermarket part manufacturers.

The designers of the Scion XB generation II somehow managed to pack good looks and good performance into a package that appeals to both the younger crowds and the more mature buyers as well. This is what makes it such a special little car. The gen 2 Scion XB is a car manufactured by Toyota under their youth line, Scion, and sold exclusively in the American market. It succeeds a design that helped make the Scion name famous… The original XB box, or toaster, that helped launched a barrage of other square cars like the Nissan Cube and Ford Flex among others.

This new XB has more power – 158h out of it’s Toyota 4-cylinder engine. Gas consumption is a little higher too, averaging around 23 miles per gallon. The larger size makes it a more versatile car. It now has more space inside to haul stuff when the rear seats are folder down. This makes the car ideal for musicians that often find themselves carrying guitars or drums but don’t want to have to deal with a truck. Unfortunately, when you put the rear seats back up to carry more people, space for luggage becomes quite limited.

The ride quality is not bad for a budget car but we feel it could be much better. The live rear axle does not help either. But overall, it’s still quite acceptable. Roll in the corners exists, due in part to the large box body, but it’s not too bad. A little suspension work goes a long way with these. There are tons of aftermarket shocks, springs and coilovers readily available. The interiors are very welcoming, well-designed and very appealing. In fact, the interiors look like those in a much more expensive car. Overall, we think Scion and Toyota did an amazing job making the interiors a great place to be in over long hours of driving.

Being a Toyota at heart, the car is VERY reliable. We prefer the manual transmission. The manual transmission makes the car feel more fun and sporty. It also pulls better and feels faster – and probably is as well. The automatic version feels a bit slow. You owe it to yourself to learn to drive stick.

Scion released this model in 2008 and it’s still running strong and selling well in 2012. Every year the brand offers a special model called the RS with special paint colors, body kits and interior customizations. This further emphasizes the brand youthful appeal – as kids love modding cars.

But in the end, the new Scion XB appeals to young and mature folks alike. It’s a great buy and a car that’s gone a long way thanks to very intelligent and “outside the box” design thinking! Pun intended!

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