At some point your will need to take your car in to have it serviced. Where you take your car will depend on a number of factors. Most people are very intimidated when it comes to auto repairs or service because the average person just does not understand automobiles these days. This is understandable. Cars and trucks resemble computers more than vehicles these days. Just follow the following and you should be able to find a reliable service department.

Depending on the age and make of your vehicle, you may be stuck taking it to a manufacturer’s dealership. Many newer cars must be hooked up to a diagnostic machine to analyze the vehicles on board computer to verify a problem. Anytime a dashboard light comes on you are probably going to have to take it to a dealership. Routine maintenance and simple repairs like brake jobs can usually be handled at chains and independent shops.

What is a good way to find a manufacturer’s dealership or an independent? The best thing to do is to ask your friends and family who they use and recommend. Many people are happy to share their experiences with a repair shop. Coworkers are another great source of referrals for service departments.

Lastly, you can head online to read reviews of shops to get a further understanding of how they conduct business. There are a number of sites devoted to reviews and you should have no problem finding out what customers say about a specific shop. Just do a search with the dealer or shop’s name in quotes and you should have plenty of reading material.

If you are looking for a quality Ford dealer in Missouri with a great service department then look here. They have been in business for over twenty years.



Buying a Ford in West Central Missouri

by Admin on December 11, 2012

If you are in the market for a new Ford car or truck in Missouri, and you live in the Western part of the state, then you have many great choices. The internet has made it possible to find the perfect vehicle and even buy it totally online. The following are a few choices you have.


In the Harrisonville Missouri area there is Milner O’Quinn Ford. They are located right off 7 highway with easy access from the off ramp. They carry a large selection of new Ford Trucks and cars.


In Clinton MO there is Gregg Smith Ford. They also have a large selection of new Ford vehicles. They are conveniently located half way between Kansas City and Springfield MO. You can find Gregg Smith Ford at the intersections of 7,13, and 52 highways.


Butler Missouri has Max Ford for your Ford vehicle needs. You will find them by taking the exit at Butler and following W. Fort Scott Street into town. You will run right into the dealership.


For a Ford dealership in the Warrensburg MO area, check out Warrensburg Ford. They carry all lines of Ford products and are easy to find. They are located on East Young street not far off of 50 highway.


Appleton City Missouri is a little off the beaten path and is quite small, but they still support a local Ford dealership. Zink Motors has been in business for several years and continues to thrive in this small community. You can find the dealership right in the middle of town on the main street (4th).


El Dorado Springs Missouri is another out of the way small town that supports a local Ford dealer. Fugate Ford serves El Dorado Springs and the surrounding areas. They carry a nice selection of Ford cars and Trucks. You will find them in the middle of town right on 54 highway.


So, if you are shopping for a Ford dealer in the West Central Missouri area try one of these dealers. Most are easy to find and deal with. They all carry a nice selection of inventory.



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